Our Approach to Sustainability

A Message from Gary Cross, our President and CEO

At Maher Terminals, we believe that sustainability, when integrated in business decisions, is a source of long-term value. In this context, we decided to not only align with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey’s goal and commit to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by over 35% by 2025 vs the 2006 baseline, but go further and reach our goal of Net Zero by 2040. As we design our carbon reduction pathway, we will continue to emphasize safety in the workplace, use cleaner technology to continue providing best in class service, grow as a more inclusive company, and sustainably operate to benefit all our stakeholders.

Our Commitment

At Maher, we are committed to integrate sustainability into our operations, culture and relationships with stakeholders.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) has been working on ensuring operational readiness to address extreme climate events. Maher Terminals and PANYNJ are working together to increase business through the port in a sustainable manner.

Over the past decade, we focused our efforts on thinking over our approach to sustainability and clearly defining our ambitions as a leader in the port industry.

Here, we aim to share the first step of the journey we have embarked on by providing a picture of our current sustainable business practices. Determined to emerge as one of the most sustainable container terminals in North America, we will pursue our efforts over time to continuously assess and improve our sustainable practices and performance.



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