‘Maher Terminals is Committed to a Greener Future’

Providing our ocean carrier clients and their customers with efficient port and terminal related transportation services within the communities in which we operate is core to our mission. At Maher Terminals, we pride ourselves in assisting our customers to effectively compete in the global marketplace by handling their cargo in a safe, expeditious and economical manner. Maher Terminals recognizes the significant interconnection between providing efficient service and balancing these obligations with our responsibility to the environment and the local communities where we operate and which many of our employees also call home.

As part of Maher’s commitment to a greener future, we have taken a number of steps to minimize our environmental impacts and reduce our carbon footprint while increasing efficiencies across all aspects of our operations. Green, renewable energy; clean and efficient buildings and vehicles; and an environment that we can all be proud of, are Maher’s priorities when it comes to investing in our future.

N.J.A.C 7:27-14.3(a) prohibits diesel-powered motor vehicles from idling for more than three minutes