May 12, 2021 – After four consecutive years of being the recipient of the Evergreen’s Terminal of the Year Award, Maher Terminals has been further honored with their Continual Excellence Award for 2021!  Evergreen America’s Vice Chairman, Roy Amalfitano, presented the award to Maher’s President & CEO, Gary Cross and applauded Maher’s ongoing excellent level of service as well as their commitment to our 44 year partnership.  In a letter accompanying the award, Evergreen America’s President, Benjamin Tsai said, “There are few assets in business more valuable than a trusted partner.  Although we expect each of ours to offer the same consistently high level of performance we demand of ourselves, the quality of service offered by Maher Terminals stands out across the landscape of our industry and makes you especially deserving of unique recognition.”  Gary Cross graciously accepted the award and thanked Evergreen for such an honor.  He commented that each day Maher thinks about how to provide a better service to Evergreen and agreed that the two companies have truly forged a partnership over more than 40 years of working together.  Maher Terminals is humbled by such an award and would once again like to thank Evergreen for such a prestigious honor and for the opportunity to continue to do business together for many decades to come.