The Safety Committee was created as an independent body to support and add value to the company’s safety program, champion best practices and develop safety initiatives and communications campaigns.

Composition of the Committee

The Committee will be led by a Chairman and supported by a Vice Chairman; both must be at least a senior manager, from one of the operating departments: CY, Marine, Engineering (Crane/Straddle/Power/Facility), Rail or M&R. Risk/Safety personnel may serve in the Vice Chair but not the Chair position. Each (Chair) position will be held for at least three but no more than five years. The Chair position will be nominated by the EVP of Operations, the SVP of HR/Risk and the VP of Operations. The Vice Chair will be nominated by the Chair.

The Committee will be supported by an officer from one of the groups named above, to act as its corporate champion, counselor and liaison to the Executive Team.

The Committee will be comprised of one or more members of each of the operating departments. The IT department should have representation as one or more members of that department perform service functions on the marine terminal.

Committee members should serve for at least two but not more than three years, and the Chairman will ensure that seats are available to all operating employees with one or more years of experience. At the end of each calendar year, the Chair, Vice Chair and officer will review the membership, and identify and nominate new candidates as needed.


  • Work in a collaborative manner with the Safety and operating Departments to enhance safety oriented programs, goals and objectives
  • Heighten safety awareness via communications campaigns – labor and management
  • Strengthen engagement from the workforce through annual health and safety fairs.
  • Safety leadership


The Committee will meet at least quarterly or as often as the Chair deems necessary to accomplish goals and objectives. Minutes for each meeting shall be taken and distributed to: all Committee members, all officers and directors, and all (operations managers) no later than three days after a meeting. Responsibility for taking minutes will be rotated amongst the Committee members.


The annual safety Awards dinner will be used as a general forum for the Chair and Vice Chair to discuss Committee topics with a broad audience. Special initiatives will be announced throughout the year using standard protocols.

Vincent Cuozzo
Michael Del Viscovo