PROSPERITY: Drive change by tracking Maher’s sustainability transition contributions

At Maher Terminals, we are aware of the environmental and social challenges that are present in today’s world. In our effort of continuous improvement, we plan on defining and announcing specific sustainability goals for our terminal over the next year.

We believe that our strong sustainability stance will enable us, our clients, and our landlord to tackle the challenges our industry and the world as a whole are currently facing.

As a sustainable organization, we have formalized a sustainability management system that allows us to continuously improve our sustainability practices. The management system includes a Sustainability Committee dedicated to review the progress of Maher Terminals’ sustainability vision and goals through:

  • The definition and review of Maher Terminals’ sustainability commitments, goals, and environmental management policies;
  • Quarterly meetings gathering all members of the Sustainability Committee;
  • Regular Sustainability Committee update to the board of directors;

For more information, please refer to our Sustainability Report.