To: Maher Terminals Customers

In our continued efforts to improve service to the trucking community we have designed a new terminal roadway which be operational on Monday August 21, 2023. The new design will provide a continuous flow of traffic while on the terminal and will include the following enhancements:

  1. New One-Directional Roadway
  2. Relocated Chassis Verification with increased capacity
  3. Relocated Slot Booth for the GE Empty Field
  4. New Slot Line (432- 438)
  5. New One-Way Entrance to the Clerical Service Truck Parking Lot
  6. New One-Way Exit to Clerical Service Truck Parking Lot
  7. New and Improved Terminal Signage

A copy of the new terminal roadway drawing is available on the Maher Website by clicking on General Info then Operations then New Terminal Roadway Design. Please distribute to your drivers as needed.

                                                        Thank You,

                                                        Maher Management