Please be advised that effective Tuesday, 6/14 we will be posting any one of the 3 potential options listed for empty returns based on Steamship Line, size and type on any particular day:

  • Empty return to the Main Terminal only (same as today)
  • Empty return to Maher Empty Depot only (same as today)
  • * Empty return as part of a double move (new option)
  • * Note: Double move may be any combination of move type and Steamship Line.

It is imperative that you check the Maher Terminals Website for empty dispatch and return information by 1:30pm prior to setting up dispatching for the next business day. In addition, please ensure that your import containers are clear for pick up to avoid any interruption of service and/or having your driver turned away at the gate.  

We believe that the new option will greatly reduce or eliminate the need to shut out specific equipment on any given day.