SUMMARY: The primary responsibility of this job is to supervise and coordinate the activities of the unionized workforce in addition to other duties that you may be assigned.

PURPOSE: Superintendents (including Lead and Senior levels), are responsible for supervising and coordinating the daily activities of the unionized workforce in our 24/7 Marine Terminal facility.  Superintendents are expected to exercise independent judgment and discretion in the performance of job tasks.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Safety Compliance:
    • maintain compliance with all safety rules and regulations. This may include the inspection of dock areas, cargo-handling gear, gangway and facility (ex. lane, straddle field, shop areas, pedestrian walkways, rail yard, etc) for safety related issues.
    • responsible for instructing personnel about safe working practices and conducting and documenting safety meetings, as well as accident investigation and reporting, and root cause analysis.
  • Work Assignments:
    • Ensure all daily work assignments are completed in a safe, accurate, timely, and cost-effective manner.
    • Supervise the safe discharge, organization, storage, and movement of cargo through the terminal.
    • Ensure completion of tasks by scheduling labor, and directing their activities.  This may include loading and unloading of vessels in accordance with the plans; container-handling activities; transferring tasks between gangs or other units; determining necessary terminal equipment; monitoring lane activity; loading, unloading and discharge of trains; supervision of mechanics; vehicle and trailer inspection; and cost control.
    • Must direct the unionized supervisors with respect to the daily work assignments to minimize labor costs and maximize Terminal efficiency and may be responsible for determining the appropriate labor (number of hours and personnel required) to complete the task.
    • Maintaining accurate billing information.
    • Analyze, construct, and execute plans for the general management of the container terminal, vessel operations, rail facility, and shops relating to such items as terminal service, space management, facility design, safety, project/engineering needs, equipment maintenance, budget or customer requests.
    • Act as a focal point for any stevedoring or other issues that may arise with their assigned vessel, train, and also with yard or equipment responsibilities.
  • Administration:
    • Responsible for preparing reports of stevedoring as well as other activities, which note the time, personnel and hours, and cargo-handling gear utilized for each task.
    • Once experienced, train and mentor newer staff members (may include  performance evaluations instructing personnel in proper, standard operating procedures).
    • Responsible for carrying out discipline in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements (may include directing the unionized supervisory personnel to take appropriate action to achieve efficient and safe operations).
  • Other Duties: Superintendents may be required to perform other related duties as requested.

Prerequisite skills:

  • Must be able to obtain Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Must be able to obtain a Pier Superintendent license through the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor.
  • Must be willing to work various shifts as scheduled (day/evening/overnight/Holidays), which also requires you to work outdoors for extended periods of time as needed.
  • Strong analytical problem solving, time management and organizational skills
  • Must have leadership skills, with the ability to influence a unionized workforce to efficiently meet the common objective of operational needs of the company.
  • Must be a team player as well be able to work independently, maintaining good internal and external relationships
  • Excellent communication (oral, listening and writing) skills
  • Good interpersonal skills with a strong focus on service
  • Problem and conflict resolution skills

Other Desired Qualifications and Skills

  • BA degree in business management or similar discipline
  • Navis N4 terminal operating system experience
  • Previous experience in a terminal operations or logistics field
  • Working knowledge of MS Office skills, including Excel, Word, Outlook

Interested candidates should apply by using this link to: Operations Superintendent Trainee