To: Maher Terminals Customers


Please be advised that effective, Friday, July 1, 2016 the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) SOLAS V1/2 regulation on verified gross mass (VGM) goes into effect. Maher Terminals, in line with the United States Coast Guard and Federal Maritime Commission, and in lieu of a VGM being provided separately, will provide scale weights to the ocean carriers, for the carrier to use at their discretion, for export containers that arrive at the terminal by truck without a VGM. As such, we will accept exports through the gate without a VGM lodged in advance of arrival.


For all exports received into Maher Terminals via Expressrail Elizabeth, a VGM supplied by the ocean carriers via EDI will still be required before a container will be loaded onboard a vessel.


Please refer to Maher tariff# 010599, SECTION 1 – RULES AND REGULATIONS, SOLAS V1/2 Procedure, page 8 for further information.


Thank you,

Maher Terminals Mgmt.