To: Maher Terminals Customers 

Please be advised that effective Monday, October 30, 2017, the Maher Chassis Depot located at 1510 Bay Avenue, Port Elizabeth, NJ will be re-named the Elizabeth Chassis Depot. The Elizabeth Chassis Depot will be managed by Columbia Container Services LLC and serve as a Metro Pool start/stop location for bare chassis.

The current Maher routing process at the Elizabeth Chassis Depot will be discontinued.  The new routing procedures will be at the terminal as noted below:

Once a driver has a Metro Pool chassis and is picking up a container at Maher Terminals, they will proceed to the main terminal to be processed in our newly designated chassis lanes for their container. These lanes will be located at the south end of the main gate complex, in the same area that the Chassis Check-in lanes are located today (identified with overhead signs).

NOTE: This does not include long term leased TRAC Chassis. Long term leased TRAC Chassis will continue to process in the main lane complex as they do today.

Please see the attached drawing for your reference and distribution to your driver.


Maher Terminals Management