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Terminal Update 6-12-13


To: Maher Terminals Customers
Good afternoon.  The following is an update on our terminal conditions today and our plans for the balance of the week: 
 We opened this morning at 0600h. Truck volume continues to be very heavy as expected. All available resources continue to work on the system related issues which we’ve experienced and have affected our truck processing. Most of the system issues have been related to export receiving.  One of our main concerns is the inordinate number of trucks being sent to terminal services. We are doing everything possible to correct these issues.  Over the last couple of days, we have intermittently closed our inbound gates for Safety reasons and will continue to do so as necessary.    We plan on maintaining our normal gate hours today and will continue to monitor progress.  For the remainder of the week, please be advised of the following:
·       We are extending free time (for containers in free time) and waiving demurrage (for containers already in demurrage) through Sunday, June 16th.
·       We are considering plans to deliver import cargo and receive empties on double moves on Saturday, June 15.
·        We are also considering plans to extend empty container receiving hours next week.
·       We will honor all truck detention claims submitted per our terminal tariff.
Once we finalize plans for Saturday and empty handling hours for next week, we will revert. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
                                                Thank you,
                                                         Maher Management