Port of New York/New Jersey
  • Artificial Reef Project
    Artificial Reef Project...
    Working to create a better environment through public and private partnerships.
  • Operational Efficiency
    Operational Efficiency...
    Continue to work internally to increase operational efficiencies at our facilities.
  • Renewable Energy
    Renewable Energy...
    Assessing on-site power generation potential from renewable energy sources.
  • Investing in Sustainable Solutions
    New Technologies...
    Latest Generation straddle carriers help meet our goals of reducing emissions.
  • New Technologies
    Investing in Sustainable Solutions...
    Latest generation electric cranes help increase productivity and reduce emissions.
  • Location
    Strategically located in the heart of the largest consumer market in North America.
  • Quick Vessel Dispatch
    Quick Vessel Dispatch...
    Ample deep water berths, cranes, equipment, and labor, to minimize vessel stay in port.
  • Technology Driven
    Technology Driven...
    Innovative application of technology to enhance service levels and operating efficiency.
  • On Dock Rail
    On Dock Rail...
    Effectively supports increasing volumes of transporting containers via rail thus further reducing environmental impacts.
  • Innovation
    Creative solutions to common operational challenges.
Current Initiatives

Maher Terminals LLC
Sustainable Port Infrastructure Program

Maher Terminals has launched a Sustainable Port Infrastructure Project to strengthen our operations while helping to reduce our environmental impact and use of natural resources. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and energy conservation is supported by our decision to “go beyond simple compliance” and to participate in the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Environmental Stewardship Certificate Program.

Within the framework of this program, we at Maher are developing a comprehensive environmental and energy management vision to drive both our short- and long-term goals of sustainable operations with a focus upon the following key components: reduction in carbon emissions, increased use of renewable energy systems, implementation of energy efficiency programs and energy conservation measures, and a continued focus on sustainable buildings and operations.

N.J.A.C 7:27-14.3(a) prohibits diesel-powered motor vehicles from idling for more than three minutes
Certificate of Environmental Stewardship